Start Every Project This Way

As organizations expand, hiearchy grows. That is expected. Growth and hierarchy can become problematic if left unchecked . Primary pain with growth is communication. A vision is interpreted a thousand times along the way before it reaches the engineering team. So, here is a quick tip for the next time you kick off a project:

Establish a Mission Statement!

We cannot have the attention of the executives all the time. We cannot have them constantly check everything to make sure we are on track with what she wanted. Maybe if you are startup but in big companies, executive time is luxury we rarely get. Much like the guiding light of a light house or the north star to guide sailors, a mission statement can serve as an orientation tool.

Things to keep in mind when writing the mission statement:

  1. Keep it concise.
  2. Keep the user in mind when writing.
  3. Avoid too much technical details. Keep it Simple.
  4. Imagine you are writing the tagline for your project.

This may sound ridiculous to some people, and I agree, it maybe is. However, having a mission statement will not only help you establish what you need to do for a project, but also help you determine what to say no to. If it does not help build or achieve the mission statement then maybe it is not needed, for now.

Give it a try. See what it does for your next project.

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