A Lesson on Effective Communication from the Conclaves of Cardinals

Who say’s religion cannot teach us useful things.

This particular observation has been sitting in my draft folder for awhile now. I have had trouble translating this into normal language till today. Turn’s out we can learn something from our religious leaders after all; effective communication. Hear me out on this. It’s a contradiction when we use the word openness and the secretive Conclave of Cardinals, but bare with me, it will make sense.

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Culture is not Numbers

Build a family, and numbers shall follow.

The corporate culture is the soul of an organization. All strategies and their success depends on how great your corporate culture is. It’s not easy building a great culture. No set definition of an “excellent” culture is apparent. It varies greatly. Some would say Google has the ideal one, Apple is better, no Intel, no Amazon. It varies extremely to what fits your organizaiton. Often times the thinking behind creating corporate culture is how can we get more out of our employees. This is either done via perks, competitive salaries, so they will work more and later hours. Perks work only so much, definitely better salaries but, it will go only so far.

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Start Every Project This Way

As organizations expand, hiearchy grows. That is expected. Growth and hierarchy can become problematic if left unchecked . Primary pain with growth is communication. A vision is interpreted a thousand times along the way before it reaches the engineering team. So, here is a quick tip for the next time you kick off a project: Continue reading